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WordPress or Blogger: Which One Is Better For SEO?


Isn’t that a million dollar question. Some say that it does not make any difference, some say it is WordPress, and then again there are those advocates of blogger that say it is better because blogger is owned by Google.

Quite frankly, I think that WordPress provides a bit more of flexibility than blogger, although blogger has made some cool changes that can now handle better SEO than before. One of the things that I think blogger is slightly better is the “mobile compatibility” feature. It is integrated within the platform, while for WordPress, one would need a responsive theme, plugins for SEO or a cross platform to achieve the same results.

Anyway, the idea is really not to solely give my opinion. Matt Cutts, provides his opinion about the subject matter, and as usual, he kinda leaves it on a so, so basis.

How about you? What do you think? WordPress or Blogger? Who is better for SEO?

BTW, we are talking about self-hosted WordPess here of course.

WordPress vs Blogger For SEO

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