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How to Use Google Zeitgeist To Create Content That Will Rank Better

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To be technical I guess I should have used the word “organically” in the title but someone once told me to say what I mean so there you have it. There are 4 types of traffic that Your Online Business needs to survive and then thrive.

They are: Referral, Direct, Search and eMail

Content marketers or “Bloggers” are lazy so they love to get fresh traffic without having to DO anything. They want to set success on “autopilot” as much as possible. At least until more hours are added to the day, lol.   In reality the only option to grow your blog’s traffic organically is through search engines. The other three options require more work to be done somewhere else before you’ll get any new visitors.   However, the best answer also presents the worst question for an online entrepreneur:

How can you beat stiff competition in a saturated market?

The truth is everybody wants “easy” search engine traffic. The competition online seems infinite, with millions of websites in the results for almost anything you search for. How can you beat EVERYBODY?

By Knowing What People Will Search For In Advance …

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