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6 Things You Thought about Social Media Which Just Isn’t Right

Multi Channel Marketingby John Siebert – Published originally on

As an incredibly huge network of connections and conversations that social media is, it’s easy to get lost into the seemingly endless sea of information on the web. While a few brands are betting big on social media and many small businesses catching up with the frenzy, there are many more who haven’t tapped into it yet.

Social media seems to get all the attention. It intimidates a few business owners while it enthralls and captivates a few others. Yet, it’s a little too complex for businesses and individuals to understand due to complex layers that make up social media as a whole. Add a few all pervading myths and non-participating businesses on social media have even more reasons.

Here are at least 6 things you thought about social media, which are plain wrong:

  • Customers aren’t on social media
  • Social media is another “media” to get business
  • Social Media Management: God, that’s as vague as morning fog
  • Social media participation is enough
  • I want those fans and followers real quick
  • Social Media is huge. So, let’s make it official (and boring)

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