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SEO Audit Checklist: 20 Tasks Website Owners Shouldn’t Forget About

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How your website ranks in major search engines plays an significant role in gaining potential clients for your business. It is then important to conduct a complete SEO audit and identify the obstacles that keep your site from reaching the top results or the opportunities to improve performance. Here are twenty (20) best practices to ensure that you’re meeting the top SEO requirements.

Onpage Optimization

 1.     Check your tags. Rule of thumb is keyword-rich, not keyword-stuffed.

  • Title. Create headlines with both search engines and visitors in mind. For search engines, consider appending the brand name. Limit title to 65 characters. For visitors, make it pleasing to the reader’s eyes.
  • Meta description. Limit description to 160 characters. Opt for catchy, relevant and well-written words so it could influence click-through rates.
  • Body tags. Add subheadings with H1 and H2 tags. Emphasize key terms – bold-faced, italicized and underlined.
  • Run a quick test for duplicate tags through Google Webmaster Tools.


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