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How to Remove Unnatural Links: The Best Solution after Penguin 2.0

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As you perhaps know, Google’s Penguin 2.0 was rolled out on May 22, 2013. The reaction of the SEO world has been intense – at Warrior Forum alone, dozens of new threads dedicated to Penguin popped up overnight.

By the way, if you read carefully the original Matt Cutts’ post about Penguin 2.0 (especially the comments), you probably saw that this could be just the beginning:

convo with matt cutts

That said, what do webmasters do now? If your website has been affected, most likely it’s because of low-quality backlinks pointing to it. So, you should take a close look at your link profile and weed out any “unnatural” backlink you see there.

If your site hasn’t been affected – good for you; but I’d recommend to perform a backlink scan anyway, because you never really know who might be linking to you (could save you time and headache later on).

Yes, I know, performing a link audit and getting rid of bad links is easier said than done, but the task becomes easier when you have a clear plan. And this is something I’d like to talk about – getting a Penguin 2.0 action plan.

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