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How Quick Sprout Gets 176 Comments Per Blog Post

by Neil Patel – published originally on


As of right now Quick Sprout has 62,232 comments, which took place over 353 blog posts. That means the average blog post gets around 176 comments… which is more than most blogs.

Sure, if you go through the comments you’ll notice that half of them are from me replying back to each comment, but that still leaves 88 comments per post.

Do you want to know how I was able to achieve such a high comment count? Here’s how I did it:

Step #1: Create an emotional connection

Step #2: Don’t ignore people

Step #3: Care for people

Step #4: Collect emails

Step #5: Create a conversation

Step #6: Pace yourself

Step #7: Control the voice

Step #8: Get creative

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