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8 Reasons Why You Need to Establish Yourself as an Authority on Google+

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Google Authorship

While we all may have our hunches that Google+ and Google Authorship influence our search results, I wanted to create a case study to better the SEO community by isolating the value of Google+ on search results.

This study, conducted over the course of 3 weeks between February and March of 2013 looked at the SEO impact of Google+ on 4 brand new sites that had never been promoted by anything but Google+. The results provided extremely revealing insights into the value of Google+ in search results.

A single +1 from an authoritative Google+ account can propel a brand new site to a top 10 ranking with no other promotional activity involved, as long as the site being promoted is in the same niche as the Google+ account

You read that right. A single +1 took a brand new website into a top 10 search ranking for a targeted keyword overnight… and it has stayed there ever since! Here’s the story of how important Google+ has become to helping your website rank, and why you should start investing your time in this social network immediately.

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