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Complete Guide To Universal Analytics – Should You Upgrade?



Now that Universal Analytics has been around for some time, many people are considering making the switch. It just has so much more to offer than the soon-to-be-legacy Google Analytics installation. Being an analytics junkie, I am very excited about this upgrade in features and data.

This post is the ultimate guide to Universal Analytics. We will talk about the benefits, installation and all the important ins and outs.

Why Switch To Universal Analytics

There are many reasons why making the switch to Universal Analytics is a good choice. Aside from the added functionality, the tracking code is also more flexible and easier to implement on a variety of levels.

According to Google, there are three versions of new tracking code:

Use the analytics.js JavaScript library for websites, the Google Analytics SDKs (v2.x or higher) for mobile app tracking, and the Measurement Protocol for other digital devices, like game consoles and information kiosks.

Additionally, it is much easier to set up cross-domain or subdomain tracking. For anyone who has done this in the past, they know it used to be a chore on multiple levels for complex websites.

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