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Buying A Spammy Domain: Can I Still Rank?

Matt Cutts from Google takes on an interesting question and answers it on one of his latest WebmasterHelp videos.

Essentially the question posed by the user is if after buying a spammy domain, is it possible to still rank? Matt does mention that eventually it can recover if all of the content is stripped out and a reconsideration request submitted. However, on an “algorithmic” level, it may be somewhat complicated as, if the domain has been building links in the past and some of these are also deemed spammy.

BTW, the user appeared to have bought the domain for $5K. Guess that’s that.

Next time, just be careful. Probably the best scenario would be to steer away from those type of domains. Matt did not mention it, but I am betting that it is probably an EMD, which as you all know is not as good as it use to be for search engine optimization.

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