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Blog Post Promotion Checklist

You’ve just finished writing a masterpiece and gladly hit that publish button. You are happy that you have written a killer content, one that you are sure that it will rock your audience. But hold on, unless you are an established blogger, a website that already attracts massive traffic, reality is that the only one who knows about your new posts, is you and your RSS subscribers, if you have any.

Writing quality content is a given, but that alone is not enough. In short, you must let people know that it exist, and all efforts should be taken to help it get found. Failure to do so, will most likely frustrate you, as doing nothing will most certainly attract little to no traffic at all.

With that said, here is a handy “blog promotion checklist” is the form of an infographic, provided by If at all possible, try to do them all. If you are short of time, do at least 2, 6, 8 and 12.

Blog promotion checklist

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