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AuthorRank for Brands

by Mike Arnesen – Published on

AuthorRank is one of the hottest topics in SEO for 2013. The potential is huge and the advent of AuthorRank as a major factor in Google search ranking seems imminent. There’s one big unanswered question here, though. What about AuthorRank for brands?

I wrote an extensive post about How to Prepare for AuthorRank on SEOmoz last year and, by far, the most common question was “can my business or brand get AuthorRank?”. In this post, we’ll explore the idea of AuthorRank for brands, whether it’s real, what we can expect in the near future, and what we can or can’t do to prepare for something like it.

A Concise Overview of AuthorRank

In 2005, Google filed a patent for something they referred to as “Agent Rank” (which the SEO industry has more or less rebranded as “AuthorRank”). The idea was to identify online “agents” and rank them according to how well their content was received (originally within the confines of the Google Knol project). This would allow Google to highlight content by people who were trusted and offered real value. However, the whole thing hinged on a “digital signature system” and, for a while, there was no easily scalable solution for that. That was before Google+ launched and, interestingly enough, Google made a big announcement about Google Authorship (the apparent prerequisite for AuthorRank) on the same day that Google+ launched; Google+ became the “digital signature system” that was needed. Now that all the pieces are in place, it seems only a matter of time before Google rolls out this idea that’s been eight years in the making…

… And read the full story on AuthorRank for Brands

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