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62 Ways to Promote Yourself on Pinterest

by Mitt Ray – published originally on

62-Ways-to-Promote-Yourself-on-PinterestAre you using Pinterest to promote yourself or your business?

Pinterest’s new look along with the new tools gives marketers and businesses another reason to continue using the wonderful social network. The ability to use images along with the high levels of virality, gives businesses the opportunity to create countless ways to promote themselves – so here are 62 ways to promote yourself on Pinterest – make use of all of them and use them as inspiration to create new ones…

 Have a complete profile:-

A complete profile can be highly influential in helping you promote yourself on Pinterest. A well filled in profile can help you project your brand image, build trust and attract followers.

1. Use a good business and user name: Your business name is one of the most prominent things on your brand page. It’s one of the first things people will see when they visit it. It’s also good for SEO as the large, bold letters will be easy to index. So make sure you choose a highly relevant business name. The best option would be to just use your business’s name.

The user name is the name that appears in your brand page’s URL so make sure that it is the same or is very similar to your business name. This again will make it easy for people to locate your profile.

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